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Long Island Advocacy Center Logo for the legal rights of students and individuals with disabilities
The Long Island Advocacy Center, Inc. (THE LIAC) is a private non-for-profit agency dedicated to
protecting the legal rights of students and individuals with disabilities 



Regulations: Section 200.16 Educational programs for preschool students with disabilities

Current Listing of Approved Preschool Special Education Programs 

Information for Parents of Preschool Students with Disabilities 

Learning Outcomes and Indicators for Kindergarten Participation 

Preschool Special Education Policy Unit

Early Childhood Direction Center Long Island ECDC

NYS Pre-K Foundation for the Common Core Learning Standards

"Eligibility as a preschool student with a disability shall be based on the results of an individual evaluation which is provided in the student's native language, not dependent on a single procedure, and administered by a multidisciplinary team in accordance with all other requirements as described in section 200.4 (b) (1) through (5) of this Part."

 " be identified as having a disability a preschool student shall either:

(i) exhibit a significant delay or disorder in one or more functional areas related to cognitive, language and communicative, adaptive, socio-emotional or motor development which adversely affects the student's ability to learn. Such delay or disorder shall be documented by the results of the individual evaluation which includes but is not limited to information in all functional areas obtained from a structured observation of a student's performance and behavior, a parental interview and other individually administered assessment procedures, and, when reviewed in combination and compared to accepted milestones for child development, indicate:

(a) a 12-month delay in one or more functional area(s); or

(b) a 33 percent delay in one functional area, or a 25 percent delay in each of two functional areas; or

(c) if appropriate standardized instruments are individually administered in the evaluation process, a score of 2.0 standard deviations below the mean in one functional area, or a score of 1.5 standard deviations below the mean in each of two functional areas;


(ii) meet the criteria set forth in paragraphs (1), (2), (3), (5), (9), (10), (12) or (13) of subdivision (zz) of this section."

zz(1)Autism zz(2)Deafness zz(3)Deaf-Blindness zz(5)Hearing Impairment zz(9)Orthopedic Impairment zz(10)Other Health Impairment zz(12)Traumatic Brain Injury zz(13)Visual Impairment including blindness